AC Synchronous Motor

Powered with Ashok Leyland Engine
250 Amps / 5 Kva Single Phase
300 Amps / 5 Kva Single Phase
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Powered by Ashok Leyland Engines, EXEL offers you a complete range of Diesel Welding Gensets. For more than 35 years EXEL products have delivered reliable and dependable solutions for the welding industry. Our products are designed to provide uninterrupted performance while keeping low fuel consumptions which are easier to maintain. We're focused on providing our customers with the most comprehensive line of power products for all kind of industries like Infrastructure, pipelines, off shore projects, Railways, Mining, and many others.

The EXEl Welding generators are one of the most compact and powerful welders in the construction, pipe or rental fleet market today. It is also the most quiet, aith a smooth running 4 cylinder Ashok Leyland water cooled diesel engine. Use these multi process welders for stick welding with a large variety of elctrodes, and arc gouge upto 6 mm. You will value the superior arc performace delivered by exclusive technology used to provide smooth welding output

Compact Canopy

  • Duly Powder Coated for rough weather conditions

Wide range of welding rods

  • Roads from 2.15 to 6 mm can be used for carrying out different jobs

Excellent Pipe Welding

  • Suitable for Pipe Welding

Reliable Engine

  • Backed by sales & service network of Ashok Leyland & Exel

Class H Insulation

  • High class insulation is used in alternator for best performance

Auxiliary Power

  • 5 Kva Single Phase aux power for running electrical units like drill machines & grinders

Large Fuel Tank

  • A fuel tank large enough to spare the need to refill again & again